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Mediation Can Help You Reach Legal Agreements Quickly and Productively

Photo of people sitting around a table discussing documentsIf you do not wish to undergo the lengthy litigation process to reach a legal agreement or arrangement, mediation may be a good avenue for you to pursue. Tournour & Weiner are court-approved and accredited mediators. With his wealth of experience, he can help you reach lasting legal agreements with less stress through mediation at his East Brunswick, NJ, practice.

Mediation is often able to provide more productive meetings, and quicker results than litigation. To schedule an appointment, and receive the expert advice of an experienced mediator, contact our office today.

About Mediation

Mediation is an alternative dispute procedure in which an impartial third party acts as a mediator to help disagreeing parties successfully come to a resolution that benefits everyone involved. The mediator is often a retired judge or other private attorney, and will help cover the same issues that would be decided in litigation. Mediation can help reach decisions regarding business and civil arrangements, prenuptial agreementscustody agreementsvisitation rights, and financial support in cases of divorce.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is able to offer significant benefits over long, drawn-out litigation processes. An experienced, accredited mediator such as Tournour & Weiner can help various parties stay focused on reaching solutions, rather than get mired in fighting or bitterness. In many aspects, an impartial third-party can help all involved reach agreements that are more private and productive, less stressful, and better for future relationships. Mediation can produce lasting and legally binding agreements that are mutually beneficial for all parties.

Why Mediation is Preferred to Divorce

Mediation is often preferred to divorce, because it can be more beneficial for the family unit. Litigation can be a very long process that is both expensive and adversarial. A mediator can help separate parties gain more control over their divorce process rather than letting a judge decide how their lives will be affected. Mediation also allows all parties to focus on solutions and productive agreements that benefit the couple and all involved, especially children. As a result, mediation can often be far less bitter, and lead to better future relationships.

Mediation in the State of New Jersey

In New Jersey, mediation is often used for divorce and annulment proceedings. However, mediation can also benefit those seeking business and civil agreements, as well as prenuptial agreements. A mediator will act as a neutral third part to help all parties reach a mutually beneficial and satisfactory arrangement. Attorneys Tournour & Weiner are accredited mediators able to successfully and effectively help clients reach lasting legal agreements through expert guidance. As an impartial mediator, Mr. Tournour will not take sides or provide legal counsel to individual parties, and it is recommended that you seek your own independent legal advice.

Receive Expert Guidance from an Experienced Mediator

You have more options than litigation alone to pursue civil, business, and matrimonial legal agreements. Through guided, productive mediation sessions at the law offices of Tournour & Weiner, you can have constructive meetings to reach lasting arrangements. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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