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4 Ways Mediation Can Expedite the Divorce Process

In most people’s vocabulary, “divorce” is a nasty word. They think of it as a failure and a sign that a person’s life isn’t going as well as expected.

The truth is, divorce doesn’t always have to be dramatic or negative. Sometimes it’s the best option.  If you or your spouse has changed in a way that makes you unhappy in your marriage divorce is the gateway to a more peaceful and fulfilling life for everyone.

At the same time, the divorce process itself can make couples hesitate to make the move. If that’s where you stand, we have great news. A divorce mediator can make the divorce process shorter, smoother, and less stressful in several ways.

1. Defusing the Arguments

Even divorcing couples on the best of terms are bound to argue when their assets and children are at stake.

As common as it is to disagree about the terms of your divorce, fighting soaks up huge amounts of time and can become costly. 

Think of a mediator like a divorce referee. They have the distinct skill of wrangling arguments and keeping everyone on task toward a resolution rather than letting you spend hours arguing about who gets the teapot.

2. Finding Points of Agreement

In every divorce, there are certain assets the spouses agree on from the start. For example,  it’s obvious that if one spouse started a guitar collection during the marriage, they should be the one to get the guitars in the divorce.

A divorce mediator starts with the topics you and your spouse agree about. This allows you to get through a significant number of decisions in a short period of time before you start arguing about more contentious items.

As an added bonus, this method starts the mediation on the right foot. It sets the tone for more cooperation and less quarreling throughout the whole process.

3. Skipping a Trial

In New Jersey, divorcing couples first try to reach an agreement about their property division and other matters. If they cannot agree or if the judge doesn’t accept their settlement, the case goes to trial and a judge has the ultimate decision.

A trial is an extensive process. You need piles of paperwork to prove why you feel you should get certain assets. Between the preparation and the trial, it can add months to your divorce process.

A divorce mediator’s top job is to help you reach a fair and swift settlement from the start. Hiring the right mediator can allow you to skip a trial altogether.

4. Simplifying a Custody Battle

If you and your spouse share a child, the child’s custody is likely to be a hot-button issue in your divorce. The court has the ultimate decision, but a mediator can be a crucial tool.

During your divorce mediation, you and your spouse can come to terms with a fair custody arrangement if possible. The court then decides whether to accept this or order something different.

A divorce mediator speeds up your custody battle in two ways. First, they help you discuss the matter calmly and rationally. Second, they know what a judge is and isn’t likely to accept so they can counsel you appropriately.

Hiring the Right Divorce Mediator

If you’re getting a divorce, you want to finish the process quickly and move on with your life. The right divorce mediator can make that happen. 

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