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Child Support Mediation

When issues of child custody and support are handled in a courtroom, the contentious nature of the setting can be incredibly stressful. Mediation is an affordable means of reaching these agreements outside of court with the help of a neutral party. At Tournour & Weiner in East Brunswick, NJ, our team can provide child support mediation to protect the best interests of both you and your child.

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Mediation can help you reach a child support agreement without the hassle, stress, and expense of court proceedings.

Understanding Mediation

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is a form of legal recourse that is especially effective in family law cases. At Tournour & Weiner, we have the skills and training to act as mediators in a range of issues. We can help you create a legally binding agreement outside of a courtroom to bring before a judge. 

The goal of child support is to ensure a child does not experience financial hardship as a result of parents separating. Some parents do not have the means to support a child on a single income. With court-ordered child support, you receive the amount a judge believes is fair. In contrast, mediation is based on an agreement you and your child's other parent make with the help of a neutral third party. 

With child support mediation, this decision can be made peacefully in a fraction of the time that court proceedings often require.

How It Works

Most often, child support is handled as part of the divorce and custody process. You and your child's other parent will meet with a mediator in a neutral location to discuss all aspects of your divorce, including custody, alimony, and division of property. A member of our team can act as a mediator during the process, asking important questions and offering suggestions regarding how to resolve difficult issues.

You can also use mediation to adjust an existing child support order. The original order can come from a previous mediated agreement or a court decision. Either way, our team can help you assess your current level of support and achieve the adjustments you need. 

Once you and the other parent reach a decision about child support, a member of our team can create an official agreement to take before a judge. The judge will ensure the agreement meets the guidelines in New Jersey regarding child support. The judge may also call an informal court hearing to verify that each party understands the terms of the agreement, and that the negotiation was fair to all parties involved. If the judge is satisfied, he or she will sign a binding court order that can be legally enforced. 

Benefits of Child Support Mediation

With child support mediation, this decision can be made peacefully in a fraction of the time that court proceedings often require. Mediation is also more affordable. Rather than each parent hiring his or her own attorney, both parents can split the cost of a mediator.

Schedule a Consultation

At Tournour & Weiner, we believe in the power of mediation to resolve family law issues. If you are interested in pursuing mediation to reach a child support agreement, you can learn more by contacting our office online or calling (732) 418-9772 today.

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