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Your Children And Your Divorce

Divorce may be fundamentally a legal matter between two people, but when there are minor children in a marriage, parental rights and children’s rights and interests also come into play. A divorce with children typically includes protecting their well-being through custody and support orders.

Parents may disagree on many things, but nearly all can agree that they want healthy, happy children. Understanding the impact of divorce on children and safeguarding parent-child relationships are part of the process of parents’ divorce or separation. Tournour Law in East Brunswick has helped many New Jersey families through the process of divorce with full consideration of children’s best interests in legal areas such as custody and child support.

How We Can Help

At our family law firm, we emphasize the importance of providing education for our clients along with representation. As a parent of minor children who is preparing for a divorce, when you become a client of the firm, you can expect empathy, clear communication and a focus on your family’s future. We counsel clients efficiently and thoroughly through all aspects of divorce and its impact on parenting, including the following legal issues:

When you work with our firm, we never lose sight of the fact that we represent you. At the same time, we diligently inform you of family law courts’ priorities for the protection of children’s welfare during and after a divorce.

For The Personalized Information And Assistance That You Need

Above all, do not panic as you simultaneously navigate a divorce and continue parenting your children. We are ready to support you through this challenging but not uncommon process. Bring us your questions about child support, concerns about relocation with your child and other issues that divorcing and divorced parents often face.

Your instincts to protect children from the fallout of divorce are on target. With 30 years of experience, attorney Frank E. Tournour is available to guide you capably while promoting your children’s well-being. To schedule a consultation, call 732-913-3634 or send an email inquiry through this website.