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When A Family Law Court Order Requires Modification

A divorce decree, a child custody order or a child support order may seem final, but in fact, life continues to evolve after a divorce. A significant change in circumstances may indicate that a post-divorce modification is warranted.

Family law attorney Frank E. Tournour in East Brunswick, with 30 years of experience in divorce and family law concerns, has helped numerous individuals and couples petition for or contest petitions for post-divorce modifications.

Types Of Post-Divorce Modifications

To gain an understanding of a post-divorce modification that may apply to your divorce situation, consult with an experienced family law attorney. Learn what types of modifications a family law judge is likely to approve of, such as:

Changes such as the above are typical, but changes to the financial fundamentals of divorce are rare. Modification of property division usually requires demonstration that something was wrong in the original divorce proceedings. For example, if hidden assets come to light that would have changed the outcome of a divorce, post-divorce litigation may be justified. Tournour Law can provide trustworthy guidance and aggressive representation in such cases.

Understand And Explore Your Options

Can you and your ex-spouse reach a friendly agreement about how to reconfigure child custody and visitation? Did your divorce decree already include provisions for changes to spousal support after a remarriage? Discuss these or other questions relevant to your circumstances with Mr. Tournour. A satisfactory, cost-effective resolution may be within reach. If litigation is necessary, Mr. Tournour is ready to advocate vigorously for your rights and your children’s well-being.

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