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Spousal abuse can come in many forms, including physical, sexual and emotional. Battered women must often endure all of these at once. If you have been subjected to such abuses, you have options at your disposal. You do not have to endure this any longer. An experienced attorney can provide you with the legal help you need to make it stop.

At Tournour Law, we are here to help you seek all the legal protections you need to remove yourself from this situation. We can help you in regard to seeking a restraining order to protect yourself from immediate harm and getting a divorce to permanently remove this person from your life. If you have children with your abuser, we can protect their interests and your parental rights.

Breaking A Toxic Cycle

These situations often follow a pattern that may be familiar to you. The person you are with started out as kind, perhaps charming, but they eventually revealed an ugly side that was intent on inflicting abuse upon you. After this first period of abuse, there is often a “honeymoon period” during which the abuser offers apologies and appears to have changed. Sadly, this change is most often temporary and only sets the stage for further, and worse, abuse to come.

You can break this pattern by filing for divorce. Our law firm is a strong advocate for battered women and others who have been abused and mistreated in toxic relationships. We can help you through all aspects of the divorce process and help you explore additional legal remedies for the abuse and other wrongs this person has inflicted upon you.

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