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A Better Way To Create A Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements can be incredibly beneficial, especially if you or your spouse have substantial assets. However, the process of developing an agreement is often difficult. You may feel uncomfortable discussing the subject of money with your partner or find the idea of planning for the possibility of a divorce distressing. At Tournour Law in East Brunswick, our attorney, Frank Tournour, can facilitate a healthy and productive discussion. With premarital mediation, you can reach an agreement through cooperation fostered by a neutral party.

How Mediation Works For A Prenuptial Agreement

You and your partner will meet with a mediator. The role of a mediator is to facilitate the conversation by keeping you on track and offering suggestions for how to resolve issues. The mediator will not make judgments or push you in any given direction. You and your partner set the agenda and the process moves at your pace. In a typical premarital mediation session, couples discuss how to handle a variety of concerns in the event of a divorce, including:

In addition, you can discuss aspects of your marriage and what your expectations are for issues such as raising your children and nonfinancial contributions. The goal of premarital mediation is to build a strong foundation for your marriage and reach an agreement that protects both you and your spouse.

Benefits Of Premarital Mediation

In the weeks and months leading up to your wedding, the idea of discussing how to distribute your assets in the event of a divorce probably does not sound very romantic. If you take the typical route of “lawyering up,” then the process likely will not be. However, premarital mediation can create a stronger, more effective union. Some of the benefits of premarital mediation include:

  • Providing a friendly, positive approach to discussing a difficult subject
  • Helping you develop communication skills
  • Allowing you and your spouse to work together to create a fair and beneficial agreement
  • Creating an environment where you can have an open and honest discussion about your marriage

Premarital mediation can eliminate the power struggle that can occur in many traditional prenuptial agreements. In addition, this process is typically quicker and less expensive than hiring two attorneys to negotiate for you.

Getting Started With Prenup Mediation

If you are planning to develop a prenuptial agreement, you should contact our team at Tournour Law to make an appointment with our mediator. You should also begin collecting important documents such as:

  • Pay stubs
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Summaries of your retirement and investment accounts
  • The past two years of tax returns

You can bring any financial documents you believe may help the process. Proper preparation for your mediation sessions can shorten the time it takes to complete your prenuptial agreement.

Build A Strong Foundation For Your Marriage Call Today

Entering into a marriage is a serious commitment. Often, couples do not consider financial concerns before the wedding. Having different opinions on finances can place strain on a marriage. In addition to creating a fair and beneficial prenuptial agreement, undergoing premarital mediation with Tournour Law can help you create a solid base on which to build your marriage. Contact our office online or call us at 732-913-3634 today to begin the process.