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A Child Abuse Lawyer Can Help Ensure The Safety Of Your Child

If you suspect your child is being abused by your spouse or another loved one, it is vital to seek help immediately. Frank E. Tournour is a dedicated child abuse lawyer in East Brunswick, New Jersey, who can help you and your child protect yourselves from an abusive situation. He will leverage his extensive knowledge and experience to provide you the legal representation you need. If child abuse is taking place in your home, get out now. Once you and your child are safe, contact Tournour Law to schedule a consultation.

Signs Of Child Abuse

Forms of domestic violence, such as child abuse, are not always obvious and can come in many forms. Physical and emotional abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse and child neglect are all forms of domestic violence that can harm those you love. Your child may exhibit both physical and emotional signs of abuse. Physical signs are more obvious and may include bruises, cuts, broken bones or burns. Emotional signs of abuse often include either significant or subtle changes in behavior. Your child may become withdrawn and avoid activities he or she used to enjoy. He or she could avoid spending time with friends, and may also exhibit signs of depression, anxiety or aggression. Depending on age, your child may also begin skipping school or attempt to run away from home.

Leaving An Abusive Situation

It is critical to remove your child from an abusive situation as soon as you become aware of the abuse. If you need assistance leaving an abusive situation, contact the New Jersey Office of Victim Witness Advocacy. You should find a safe place for you and your child to stay. It is important that wherever you go, your spouse or the abuser cannot find you. You may choose a hotel or shelter, or stay with a friend or relative. After you have found a safe place, you should contact both the police and an attorney such as Frank E. Tournour. The police can collect evidence and arrest the abuser. A skilled attorney can help you navigate the subsequent legal process to protect you and your child.

It is critical to remove your child from an abusive situation as soon as you become aware of the abuse.

Taking Legal Action

After you are in a safe place, our attorneys can help you file for a protective order. This protective order will prevent the abuser from contacting you in any way and will give you temporary custody of your child if your spouse was the abusive party. When there is sufficient evidence of abuse, attorney Tournour can build a strong case to present for the final decision of the court. In the event that there is a lack of strong evidence, he will fight to ensure you and your child are protected. He can help you file for any necessary legal protections, including restraining ordersdivorce, and sole physical and legal custody of your child.

Contact Our Office Right Away

Once you and your child are safe from an abusive situation, call us at 732-913-3634 or contact us online right away. Attorney Frank E. Tournour can help you through all the legal matters you may face to ensure you and your child remain safe.