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New Jersey Divorce And Family Law Case Results*

Tournour Law in East Brunswick, New Jersey, is renowned for providing exceptional family law representation to clients throughout Middlesex County. As an experienced and dedicated family law attorney, Frank Tournour has obtained several notable victories on behalf of his clients.

Through a combination of skill, knowledge and relentless determination, he can ensure that your rights are protected no matter what type of family law issue you are facing. The New Jersey divorce and family law case results featured on this page are provided to illustrate the strong track record of our firm. If you would like further information about how we can put our knowledge and experience to work for you, please contact the East Brunswick office of our experienced family law lawyer today.

* Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

$637,000 in Cash and Property*
Browner v. DeAngelis 
Middlesex County, New Jersey

Mr. Tournour represented a 71-year-old woman involved in a palimony lawsuit with her former partner. Evidence was presented to demonstrate that the defendant, a 78-year-old developer, had promised to take care of the plaintiff for the remainder of her life. The court found in favor of Mr. Tournour’s client and awarded her $637,000 in cash and property. The judgment included a New Jersey property owned by the defendant and a lump sum payment of $384,256.21. The award stands as the largest palimony recovery ever obtained in Middlesex County.

$400,000 Award *
DeMattia v. DeMattia 
Middlesex County, New Jersey

This case went to trial as a marital tort lawsuit – a civil action that allows individuals involved in a divorce to sue their spouses for physical or emotional injury or damage to property. Mr. Tournour represented the plaintiff, a woman who had been repeatedly abused by her husband and was diagnosed as having a battered woman’s syndrome. Mr. Tournour obtained a $400,000 award on behalf of the woman, helping her to establish independence from her husband and move forward with her life.

The case represented another historic lawsuit for Middlesex County in that it was the first jury trial conducted for marital torts. In obtaining such a large victory for his client, Mr. Tournour helped establish a strong precedent that paved the way for other battered spouses to seek compensation for their injuries.

$58,000 Award *
Edison, New Jersey

Judge Colleen M. Flynn in family court in New Brunswick ordered Anant Patel, 33, to pay $28,000 compensatory damages and $30,000 in punitive damages to his ex-wife, 28-year-old Madhuri Patel, for injuries she sustained.

Anant Patel will have to share about $10,000 from a joint bank account and half of his 401(k) savings. He also was ordered to maintain a $75,000 life insurance policy with his ex-wife as the beneficiary “until such time as his obligations are satisfied.”

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