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When Your Marriage Is About To End And Marital Assets Are Complex

A high-asset divorce is often one with a complex financial big picture – and high stakes. You may be naturally concerned not just about protecting your financial future but also about keeping valuable assets intact. You, your spouse or both of you may own business interests, investment properties, expensive collectibles and/or vacation properties. The division of marital assets may affect other people besides the two of you – possibly including business partners, children from previous marriages and other extended family members. You have much to lose or gain – and you realize that you need legal guidance to ensure a fair division of your marital assets.

Our firm, Tournour Law, is a valuable resource for a time like this. Attorney Frank E. Tournour has more than 30 years of experience in New Jersey divorce and family law cases. Founded in 1999, our firm has helped many individuals and couples navigate the waters of high-asset divorces through cost-effective methods, such as mediation and customized, creative negotiated solutions.

How A Respected Family Law Firm Can Make A Great Difference

Tournour Law is a law firm that you can turn to with expectations of professional guidance, friendly attorney-client interactions and a commitment to achieving the best results attainable in your case as you navigate your divorce. Are you most concerned about these or other factors?

Your priorities will help determine the roadmap for your high-asset divorce when Mr. Tournour is on your side.

Mr. Tournour is very familiar with family law judges in this area. He can prepare you for what the court will allow. He has ample experience guiding clients through negotiations, mediation and/or litigation. He will take the time to understand what matters most to you before recommending any course of action.

Consult An Experienced Attorney About Your High-Asset Divorce

As you face the challenges of asset division involved with a high-value marital estate, contact Tournour Law in East Brunswick. Attorney Frank E. Tournour is devoted to helping clients navigate difficult family law problems in New Jersey.

Get the answers and guidance that you need to protect your rightful property when your marriage ends, whether you have earned more or less than your spouse or brought more or fewer assets into the marriage. Reach out to our law office through this website or call 732-913-3634 to request a case analysis.