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For Doctors, Business Owners And Other Professionals Facing Divorce

Ending a marriage can be more complex than usual when the division of your marital property may have an impact on the vitality of your professional practice or business. Contemplating these challenges while adjusting to changes in personal and family life can seem overwhelming. At the same time that you are reassuring your children, reorganizing finances and processing the emotional aspects of a marital split, you must also keep your accounting firm, dental practice or other business running smoothly. There is no substitute for quality family law counsel at this time.

At Tournour Law, we have provided steady guidance for many professionals and business owners in the East Brunswick area since 1999. Our attorney, Frank E. Tournour, can help you keep your priorities straight while managing life’s details as capably as you always have. Drawing on 30 years of experience, he is well-prepared to take many burdens from your shoulders. Our firm can ensure that you make the right moves with regard to your divorce at the right times. By the time your case reaches family court, you can be ready to move forward with confidence.

Taking On The Legal Nuts And Bolts On Your Behalf

Your divorce may involve various financial and legal steps, such as:

  • Valuation of your business
  • Division of retirement assets through a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO)
  • Quantification of your and your spouse’s respective contributions to your business or professional practice throughout your marriage
  • Determination of both spouses’ practical and financial contributions to each other’s graduate education or other career-building processes
  • Inventorying and valuing all assets in the marital estate, including real estate, tools and equipment, cash accounts and investments
  • Determining income for child support calculations, if applicable

When you work with Tournour Law, you have our reassurance that we will cost-effectively provide the guidance and tools that you need – no more and no less – when you need them.

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As challenging as this time of transition may be, there is light at the end of the tunnel as you move toward resolution. We are here to help you make decisions and take steps that are right for your business or professional practice as well as for your family.

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