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Using Mediation To Arrive At Reasonable Child Support Arrangements

You may be aware that New Jersey, like other states, applies state calculation methods to determine child support amounts. New Jersey’s state calculator takes into account factors such as the following when arriving at minimum child support figures:

  • Your and your spouse’s incomes
  • Your children’s ages
  • Whether you or your spouse (or both) pay or receive alimony (spousal support)
  • The amount of time that your child(ren) will spend with each of you

Many people who try to navigate New Jersey’s child support calculator soon realize their need for legal advice. For example, how will you accurately determine the other parent’s income that varies seasonally and from one year to the next? What if a parent or child is disabled? Many questions arise when parents who are separating attempt to calculate child support. Legal advice is important.

What Other Child-Related Expenses Should Be Addressed Through Mediation?

Besides the many questions raised in child support calculations for New Jersey parents, other issues are not addressed through the state’s calculator. For example, extracurricular activities, transportation costs and college expenses add up. Furthermore, many children remain in their parents’ households beyond age 18. Many parents have other things to negotiate beyond minimum required child support in connection with a separation or divorce. Parents may include such matters in divorce mediation.

For all these reasons and more, child support decisions are a major part of many divorces. Negotiations, mediation or litigation may be necessary to arrive at answers that will translate to an enforceable court order. Tournour Law advises and represents separating and divorcing parents through mediation and other legal processes.

Get Guidance And Support Through Child Support Mediation

Child support mediation is a method preferred by many parents who prefer to keep private family matters out of court. In some cases, family law courts require parents to go through mediation. The benefits of mediation include privacy, control of the schedule and a solutions-focused approach rather than a fighting approach.

Whether or not you are already a client of Tournour Law, we can prepare you for child support mediation and counsel you through the process. Attorney referrals are also welcome. With 30 years of experience, attorney Frank E. Tournour is ready to handle the child support mediation part of a family law case in New Jersey. To schedule a consultation, call 732-913-3634 or send us an email message.