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The Benefits Of Mediation With An Accredited Mediator

Mediation with an experienced attorney can help make legal proceedings less stressful and less emotionally charged for all involved. As an experienced, New Jersey court-approved mediation attorney, Frank E. Tournour can further explain the benefits of mediation at our firm, Tournour Law, in East Brunswick.

Why Choose Mediation?

Especially in difficult times such as the dissolution of a long-term relationship, like a marriage, mediation can help disagreeing parties to have productive meetings, and reach decisions regarding child support, custody agreements and alimony, without the expense and hostility that accompanies litigation. Mediation is also helpful during the development of premarital agreements.

Mediation is also very helpful in reaching business and civil agreements. This alternative dispute resolution procedure allows an impartial third party to act as a mediator to keep all parties focused on solutions and able to communicate clearly.

How Mediation Benefits You

Mediation is an alternative dispute procedure in which an impartial third party acts as a mediator between disagreeing parties to successfully resolve issues and reach legal agreements. Mediators help the parties cover the same issues that would be covered in litigation, but often with less hostility. The mediation process is able to offer significant advantages over other legal proceedings.

Mediation Is Private And Productive

Only the involved parties and the mediator will know what is discussed during the mediation sessions. The mediator does not take sides. Instead, acting as a neutral party, the mediator tries to get all other parties to work together to resolve their issues. The parties can usually come to a resolution that is more beneficial to each other than if they went through litigation. Additionally, mediation allows disagreeing parties to maintain more power over final decisions. With divorce litigation, the judge has the ultimate control over how the assets and debts are split, who pays child support, and who gets custody of the children. A mediator can help all parties to reach their own decision and divide assets and responsibilities in a mutually pleasing situation, especially in cases of post-divorce modifications.

Mediation is able to remove much of the combative attitude associated with court proceedings, allowing parties to focus on solutions, and not become mired in fighting.

Mediation Is Less Stressful And Cost-Effective

Hiring attorneys and seeking a court verdict can be extremely expensive. A mediator often proves much more cost-effective, especially because of the length of time required for litigation. With mediation, many cases can be mediated in two to three months. However, a typical litigated case can take well over a year. Mediation is also able to remove much of the combative attitude associated with court proceedings, allowing parties to focus on solutions, and not become mired in the fighting.

Mediation Fosters Better Future Relationships

In the case of divorce, parents who decide to mediate rather than arbitrate or go to trial can show their children they are able to work together. In these situations, there also tends to be much less antagonism between the parents, resulting in less stress for the children. In addition, parties who mediate rather than litigate are often able to get along better once the divorce or legal agreement is final, avoiding the bitterness and anger that often accompanies litigation.

Let An Experienced Mediator Help You

Attorney Frank E. Tournour and our legal team at Tournour Law have successfully mediated hundreds of cases. His experience and compassion can help you reach a satisfactory legal agreement without the pain of enduring a long, drawn-out litigation process. We can provide guidance on how to choose a divorce mediator and more during a consultation. Use our online form or call us today at 732-913-3634 to schedule an appointment.