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At Tournour Law in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we are dedicated to providing effective and aggressive family law representation. Founded in 1999 by family lawyer Frank Tournour, we have helped hundreds of clients achieve satisfactory resolutions in matters of divorce, annulment, child support, child custody, child visitation, alimony, palimony, paternity, property division, and more. While we retain a strong commitment to negotiating fair and reasonable solutions for our clients in order to help them avoid the court system, we are prepared to aggressively litigate on their behalf whenever necessary to secure their best interests.

Unlike many firms in New Jersey that practice family law in addition to other types of litigation, Tournour Law is devoted exclusively to family law. This dedicated focus allows us to invest the full resources of our firm into favorably resolving each of our clients’ cases and authoritatively addressing questions about divorce, child support, and other legal issues pertaining to the family.

By limiting the number of cases we take on, we are able to provide our clients with personal attention while developing the most effective case presentation on their behalf. Large law firms, due to their high caseload, simply cannot offer this degree of service.

Attorney Frank Tournour:
Accomplished and Influential Advocacy

Frank Tournour’s commitment to providing exceptional family law representation was recently recognized by the Middlesex County Bar Association. The association presented him with the 2006 Martin S. Goldin Award, an honor bestowed upon family law practitioners who embody the values upheld by the former chair of the association’s family law section. These principles include ongoing examination of past and present case law, meticulous evaluation of each client’s case, discussion of relevant law with clients in an easily understandable manner, a commitment to resolving disputes justly and sensibly before having to resort to trial, upholding high standards of character and honesty, and demonstrating leadership in the county or state bar association.

Frank Tournour also recently took part in two landmark cases, which served to further advance his reputation in New Jersey as a distinguished family law lawyer. The first involved a battered woman who filed for divorce after being repeatedly victimized by domestic violence. On her behalf, Mr. Tournour filed a marital tort lawsuit and obtained an award totaling $400,000. Mr. Tournour’s successful handling of this case (the first jury trial for marital torts in Middlesex County) helped pave the way for other abused spouses to obtain compensation for their injuries.

The second lawsuit involved an elderly woman who was separated from her partner of 30 years. The woman sought palimony from her partner, who had promised to take care of her for life. Mr. Tournour filed a lawsuit on the woman’s behalf and successfully obtained cash and property worth $637,000. To date, this stands as the largest palimony recovery awarded in Middlesex County.

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Attorneys Frank Tournour, H. Tiffany Weiner, and their associates are committed to serving clients by providing legal representation in family law cases. If you live in New Jersey and are looking for a trusted family law lawyer, please contact Tournour Law to arrange a personal consultation today.

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