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East Brunswick, New Jersey – Dedicated Family Law Attorney Handling Palimony Claims

In addition to handling cases involving divorcechild custody and domestic violence, our firm has extensive experience handling palimony lawsuits. This area of family law deals with the distribution of assets between two individuals who formed a long-term relationship and cohabited but are no longer together.

If you have recently ended a long-term relationship and believe you may be entitled to palimony, please read the information presented here and contact Frank Tournour in East Brunswick, New Jersey. A family law attorney with extensive experience, Mr. Tournour can thoroughly examine your case and inform you regarding your right to compensation.

About Palimony

In general, individuals involved in failed relationships are not legally obligated to provide for one another. As such, “palimony” is not actually a legal term. However, as more and more unmarried couples have begun living together, courts have started to acknowledge certain circumstances in which one partner may be entitled to financial support from the other.

Typically, a relationship that warrants palimony is one in which:

  • There was a long-term commitment between both partners
  • One partner made a promise to care for the other for life
  • In response to such a promise, the other gave up work or a career in order to take on homemaking responsibilities and provide personal care or assist with a business

Proving A Palimony Claim

In order to prove a palimony claim, a person need not have received a written statement from his or her partner promising support for life. The agreement could have been implied or expressed orally. In fact, most palimony cases are not decided on the basis of a written agreement, but on the testimony of the plaintiff and defendant involved.

Because there is often no written agreement, palimony cases can be difficult to prove. If you think you may be entitled to palimony and are considering contacting a firm in or around the East Brunswick area, it is in your best interest to hire a family law attorney who has dealt extensively with palimony litigation and can conduct the necessary pretrial discovery to prepare a strong case. With nearly 15 years of family law experience, Mr. Tournour is possessed of the skill and resources necessary to successfully handle your case, whether you are filing for palimony or facing a claim. Mr. Tournour’s expertise in this area of family law is exemplified by the $637,000 in cash and property he recently obtained on behalf of a client. This palimony recovery stands as the largest ever obtained in Middlesex County.

How Palimony Is Paid

Whereas alimony is usually paid in monthly intervals, palimony is given in the form of one lump sum payment. The sum of palimony awarded is determined by the amount of money deemed necessary to support the plaintiff for the remainder of his or her life, beginning when the relationship ended.

Contact Experienced Family Law Attorney Frank Tournour

Over the last 20 years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of palimony lawsuits filed. Now is a better time than ever to ensure that your right to compensation is protected. If you feel that you may be entitled to palimony, please contact Tournour Law in East Brunswick today. As a family law attorney with extensive experience, he can ensure that your interests are fully represented.