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The Trauma Of Domestic Violence In Divorce

At Tournour Law in East Brunswick, we are strongly committed to helping victims of domestic violence in New Jersey reestablish their well-being and independence. Our attorney, Frank Tournour, has been helping family law clients, including victims of spousal abuse, to take the steps necessary to secure their freedom and safety for themselves and their children.

What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence generally refers to violence, such as physical or sexual abuse, committed by one family or household member against another. A particular act need not be physical to constitute domestic violence, but only needs to cause the victim to be concerned for his or her safety. Examples include verbally expressed threats to push, kick, hit or sexually assault the victim. Acts such as trespassing, burglary and kidnapping also fall into the category of domestic violence.

The law provides battered spouses and children in danger with several forms of protection designed to shield them from their abusers. If you have been subjected to domestic violence, you have the right to:

  • File a domestic violence complaint
  • Seek a protective restraining order
  • File for divorce, pursue child custody and seek child support
  • Pursue criminal charges against your abuser

As a domestic violence lawyer, Mr. Tournour can help you complete the steps necessary to gain independence from your abusive partner and protect your children. In addition, your circumstances may warrant a marital tort lawsuit, which could provide you with compensation for your injuries.

Pursuing A Marital Tort Lawsuit

If you are going through a divorce and have suffered significant injuries from your spouse, you may be entitled to file a marital tort lawsuit. A marital tort suit is a civil action that enables battered spouses to seek compensation for their injuries. Because marital tort lawsuits are typically handled in civil or family court, they do not result in criminal penalties against the accused parties, but only in the issuance of damages.

In 2003, Mr. Tournour took part in the first jury trial for marital torts in Middlesex County. The case involved a woman who had been repeatedly victimized by domestic violence and was diagnosed as having battered woman syndrome. Our attorney represented the woman in court and obtained for her an award totaling $400,000. Mr. Tournour’s successful handling of this case not only provided his client with a safer, brighter future but also helped open the door for other battered spouses to seek compensation for their injuries.

Defending Domestic Violence Allegations

An accusation of spousal abuse can result in a protective restraining order. This can result in a severe limitation on parental rights and affect child custody determinations and visitation rights. Because allegations of domestic violence often affect people for the rest of their lives, it is in the best interests of those accused to seek competent, professional counsel right away. Attorney Tournour has extensive experience handling spousal abuse claims and can provide you with the representation necessary to protect your reputation as well as your rights.

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