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An Experienced New Jersey Restraining Order Attorney Can Help Protect You From An Abusive Partner

To ensure that our clients are protected during a potentially dangerous situation, a restraining order attorney at our East Brunswick, New Jersey, law firm Tournour Law can file restraining orders on your behalf. A restraining order is essentially a court order prohibiting abusive partners from contacting or harassing an individual whom they have physically, mentally, sexually or verbally assaulted.

A restraining order may also be referred to as a protection order or an ex parte. Restraining orders may be temporary or permanent, ranging in length from several months to several years or more, depending upon the situation. If you have been a victim of domestic abuse and are fearful of your partner, contact Tournour Law today to schedule an appointment to discuss restraining orders in New Jersey.

What Is A Restraining Order And How Does It Work?

A restraining order is a court order that is issued to protect victims of domestic abuse from abusive partners. The court may order the abuser to do any of the following:

  • Stop all contact with the victim (and his or her family members if necessary), including in-person contact, phone, email and any other forms of communication.
  • Vacate a shared residence, even if that residence is in the abuser’s name.
  • Grant temporary custody of any children to the victim.
  • Order the abuser to attend counseling.
  • Provide the victim or abuser with a police escort to remove personal belongings from a shared residence.

Our skilled attorneys can file a restraining order on your behalf to protect you from immediate danger, and help you navigate the legal process throughout this difficult time.

How To Obtain A Restraining Order

To obtain a restraining order, the victim must provide the court with a sworn statement of an immediate threat of danger by the abuser. The court will then issue a temporary restraining order. After the abuser is notified of the restraining order, a hearing will be scheduled to determine the specifics of the final restraining order, such as how long the order will be in place, and what the abuser can and cannot do.

How Is It Enforced?

Restraining orders are enforced by the police. If the abuser violates any terms of his or her restraining order, he or she may be arrested and charged for the violation. If any additional crimes are committed, he or she can be charged for those actions as well.

Who Might Need A Restraining Order?

A restraining order can provide a victim of domestic abuse protection from an abusive partner during a break-up or divorce, the birth of a child belonging to the abuser, and other potentially dangerous situations. A restraining order may help victims of physical, verbal, mental or sexual abuse, as well as victims of stalking and other forms of harassment.

Any victim with proof of domestic abuse may request a restraining order. A restraining order may protect the victim, any children involved, and other family members and friends who might have been threatened by the abuser. Restraining orders not only provide protection but can also help alleviate the victim’s constant fear of further abuse.

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If you feel that your life is in danger because of an abusive individual, you should seek legal assistance immediately. Domestic abuse may escalate quickly, especially if the victim is seeking a divorce. Our skilled attorney can file a restraining order on your behalf to protect you from immediate danger, and help you navigate the legal process throughout this difficult time. Restraining orders can prevent domestic abuse and alleviate fears of future violence. Protect yourself and your children: contact Frank Tournour today to schedule a personal consultation to discuss restraining orders.