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A Dissolution Of Marriage Can Save Time And Money

Dissolution of marriage is a legal process whereby one or both individuals voluntarily terminate their marriage. Generally, a dissolution of marriage requires both parties to agree on all terms of the dissolution before it is filed with the court. This process can be accomplished through mediation, saving you significant time, money, and stress. While straightforward, the process can still be complicated, so if you and your spouse are considering a dissolution of marriage, attorney Frank E. Tournour in East Brunswick, New Jersey, can help you reach an agreement on all terms and represent you in court to finalize a dissolution.

What Is A Dissolution Of Marriage?

A dissolution of marriage is a voluntary termination of a marriage. Unlike divorce, this arrangement does not require that one or both parties is at fault. The dissolution process primarily takes place outside of court. With the help of your attorneys, you and your spouse must agree on all aspects of the dissolution from the division of assets to child custody. Only when you and your spouse reach a final agreement is the dissolution filed with the court. This process eliminates many of the preliminary hearings that often take place with divorces, which can save you both time and money.

Once your paperwork is filed, a hearing will happen within 30 to 90 days. You must both appear in court to testify that you are satisfied with the terms of the agreement. You must also testify that you have fully disclosed all of your assets and liabilities, and state that your signature on the agreement was voluntary and not forced or coerced. After the court reviews and approves the agreement, the dissolution of your marriage is finalized.

Factors Involved In A Dissolution

There are a number of factors you will need to take into consideration when drafting your dissolution of the marriage agreement. Your agreement will primarily involve your property, assets, and children. You may also need to consider any debts owed by you or your spouse. Child custody is often one of the most difficult aspects. You must decide whether you will share joint physical and legal custody, and if so, you must develop a schedule you both agree upon. Spousal support should also be considered, especially if the child will spend more time with one parent.

In the end, your agreement should detail a fair division of all marital property and assets. It should also outline which party is responsible for paying specific debts. You may also need to determine who will pay attorney fees and other costs associated with the dissolution process. Once the final agreement is reached, you both will sign the document.

After you and your spouse reach a final agreement, Attorney Frank Tournour can take care of filing all the paperwork and coach you through the rest of the process.

Why Is it Important to Work with an Attorney?

While dissolution of marriage can save time and money, it can be a complicated procedure. It is important to work with an attorney who is experienced in family law, such as Frank E. Tournour. We can assist in negotiations with your spouse to ensure a fair agreement is reached. If needed, we can help you find professionals who can determine your property values so you can ensure your property is divided equally. After you and your spouse reach a final agreement, we can take care of filing all the paperwork and coach you through the rest of the process.

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