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Family Law Attorney: Respecting Cultural Differences

If either party in a divorce or child custody dispute is from another country or part of a minority ethnic group in the United States, cultural differences may come into focus. Whether your or your spouse’s native culture is rooted in New Jersey, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Portugal, China or elsewhere, rest assured that respect for your cultural values is a fundamental part of our family law practice. At Tournour Law, we have been helping clients in East Brunswick navigate family law concerns for decades.

Accommodating Cultural Sensitivities In Our Family Law Practice

With 30 years of legal experience, attorney Frank E. Tournour has guided clients from many countries and with many cultural backgrounds through New Jersey’s family law court systems. The human element is an essential part of family law. We honor each client’s unique cultural considerations with regard to:

  • Religious beliefs and taboos
  • Traditional roles of fathers and mothers
  • The impact of family law problems on relationships with elders, such as grandparents
  • Sensitive, personal topics that may come to light in divorce litigation and ways of keeping family matters private (such as through divorce mediation)

In general, our attorney and our legal staff are sensitive to the hurdles that some international and multicultural clients face when pursuing a fair deal in the American legal system. We can help explain the processes necessary to protect your property rights and parental rights. We will actively work as necessary to ensure that you are not discriminated against or taken advantage of by anyone who may have an influence on the outcome of your case.

We Are Here To Help, No Matter Who You Are

Do you need translation services along with legal counsel? Do you need a clear explanation of the steps in your family law case? Are you concerned that your American spouse has a cultural advantage? When we represent you, we will diligently and proactively take your needs into account. If a divorce may affect your immigration status, we will advise you on how to protect your interests.

At Tournour Law, we offer thoughtful, open-minded legal counsel for individuals and couples of all backgrounds in family law issues such as divorce. This means we listen carefully, we explain legal processes in plain language, and we will include you as a full partner in the design of the legal steps recommended for you and your family.

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