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Common mistakes made during a divorce

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Divorce

New Jersey residents who go through a divorce will find that even the most amicable splits are tough on both parties. But divorces that include a spouse not wanting to end the marriage, pointing fingers about the causes, or intentionally complicating the process can become much tougher to navigate. People need to keep their heads the best they can when things get stressful and avoid common divorce mistakes.

Revealing information online

Most people possess one or more social media accounts. It is not uncommon for them to share photos and details regarding the things happening in their lives. But they should never share information about the divorce online. They may also want to be careful with information not directly related to divorce that can still harm them during settlement negotiations.

Involving children

Life is difficult enough for children watching their parent’s marriage dissolve. Things become even more unfair for a child when one parent uses them as a tool to hurt the other. Warring parents should understand the emotional damage possible from one parent instilling negative thoughts in a child’s mind about the other parent.

Neglecting children

Parents should also not neglect their children during the divorce process. This point is most important for a parent no longer living with the child to maintain regular communication. Communication is key in these situations, and older children should be allowed to voice their thought and feelings freely.

Overvaluing the house

The family home becomes the ultimate prize in many divorce settlements. But people should not become obsessed with thoughts of “winning” to the point they fight for an outcome that is no good for them. Sole ownership of the marital home also means the sole responsibility for the mortgage, taxes, and maintenance costs that come with it.

Refusing to compromise

Divorces that involve a spouse insisting that all things go the way they desire will move nowhere fast. The emotional toll of divorce will continue until the process is final. Divorces also cost more the longer it takes to complete them. A bit of compromise by both parties will save money and allow the healing process to begin.